Culture of Arts Festival

The 2nd Annual Culture of Arts Festival was held in downtown Denison, Texas on April 1st.  The event was organized by the Denison Arts Council,  Crowds gathered all day to see the artisans, entertainers, and performers and stayed to take part in the many workshops and classes that were held throughout the day.

The street vendors were busy interacting with patrons and selling their works of art and great food along with providing live demonstrations, classes, and workshops.

Many different products created by local artisans were available to view and purchase.

Artwork was present in so many forms.  Each vendor had something a little different than the next.

The colors and decorations of each piece were unique and beautiful.

Among the rows of vendors was Cat Adair selling her garments.  Her genuine enthusiasm for people beamed as she welcomed you.

Batman even made a presence at the event.

Festivals like this are a fantastic way to spend the day with the family, even if some of them don't appreciate their photo being taken.

So many options for the sweet tooth can be tempting for some and frustrating for others.

There are numerous artisans on hand wowing the festival patrons with their skills and craftsmanship.  Many demonstrated their processes and answered questions about their style and particular form of art and expression.

Spray Paint Artist Luis Requena applying some final touches. 

Crowds gathered to watch artist Robert Ostman make his creations on his spinning wheel, dazzling them with conversation and incredible craftsmanship.

Jerry Tate was demonstrating his craft for onlookers.  His use of various pieces in his incredible metal sculptures show his outside of the box expressionism.

Taking shape in front of your eyes.

If you ask some, the quality of a street festival is found in the food.  There was no shortage of tasty treats with many options available to choose from.  The smells permeated the air drawing you in like a siren calling out to sailors at sea.  

CJ's Cafe had their truck on site providing beverages to festival goers.  Coffee isn't just for breakfast.

CJ's Jonathon Gentry giving the thumbs up.  What for?  Coffee, that's what for.

Pizza was being devoured by the slice, but who could say no to Jumbo Pickles?

Preparation... soon the corn dogs would be ready for all. 

You can't go wrong with a corn dog when it's lunch time.  

Authorfest 2017 presented Writer's Block at this year's Culture of Arts Festival.  Authors came from far and wide, some as near as two blocks away and others as far south as Houston.  They participated with their fans by encouraging them to create haikus using Haikubes, a dice game to inspire their poems.  Inspiration and creativity flowed from under their canopies. 

Local history, the specialty of author Natalie Clountz Bauman, was one of the many genres available in book form bringing the past to life.

Author John Moody actively interacting with visitors to his booth where he was promoting and selling his novels.  He was one of the many writers that were present at the festival.

Who doesn't like popcorn?  Multiple varieties were available to suit the popcorn aficionado.

Farmers representing the Denison Farmer's Market had booths set up providing locally grown produce.

The colors of Spring emanated from the tables, luring you in to healthy food choices.

Lydia Pine applying henna tattoos during the event in downtown.  It is a beautiful way to showcase body art without a permanent investment.

The art of Henna has been practiced for thousands of years.

Beside Heritage Park, near the stage, was an area devoted to the kids where adult onlookers secretly envied the fun they were having. 

NIK WAS HERE... this young man spent some time making his mark on the sidewalk of Main Street.

Little big man walking with purpose... 

Located in the 200 block of Main Street, there is a small park between two buildings affectionately known as the Pocket Park.  Here, Terri Malek, owner of Epiphysis Holistic Healing & Educational Center and a member of the Dension Arts Council, coordinated with both local and regional instructors to provide free workshops to festival goers offering different types of modalities.  There were Gong Meditations, Yoga, and Tai Chi to name just a few.   

The vibrations of the gong permeated your entire being.

Festival goers experiencing the stress relieving benefits from gong therapy. 

Barbara Cole and Jason Chaussee during their Self-Love Gong Meditation at the Pocket Park.  

Debra Williamson led a group Tai Chi session in the park... the serenity of the movements mesmerizing.

Bree, from Yoga with Bree Vandergriff teaching a Yoga class at the Pocket Park on Main Street.

There were performances and entertainment scheduled throughout the day as well.  Dancers enthralled the crowd sharing their enthusiastic energy as singers elevated everyone around with their vocals and storytelling.

The Little Goddess Trybe performed for the crowds at the festival.  Jessica Alva, Heather Emory, and flying in from behind Shonkista Yvette.

Bard of the South, Rickey E. Pittman performed on the street during the event entertaining everyone with his storytelling through songs.

On stage in Heritage Park, Daisy Windsong entertained the festival patrons with her melodies.