Fervent Personality Project



/ˈfərvənt/ adjective

having or displaying a passionate intensity


The Fervent Personality Project is a long term assignment to identify, interview, and showcase through imagery and the written word, individuals who exude passionate intensity in their lives.  They are those whom we look up to, showing us how to be true to yourself and live your dreams.

Throughout most of our lives we are told to "shoot for the stars" and "you can be anything you want."  However, even with this common verbal encouragement, all around us the world celebrates mediocrity.  Being average is what we are conditioned to be and that is what is considered normal.  

With this project, I am seeking out those people who do not subscribe to such notions.  Normal is not for them, being average is inconceivable in their world.  They are the ones who step over the line that society has drawn in the sand.  They are the leaders, innovators, and teachers.  It is their passion that drives them and sets them apart.

It takes courage to be different and stand out.  Let's celebrate those people and get to know them.  They are the examples to be followed in our lives.  The wisdom gained through trial and error, success and failure are priceless lessons we can all learn from.